The sky is the limit for your floors

With PANDOMO Floor and PANDOMO FloorPlus, creativity knows no bounds. You can compose any look your heart
desires – and perfectly preserve the integrity of your designer’s vision. PANDOMO floors enable architecture that radiates fascinating intensity and compelling consistency.


PANODMO Floor also achieves maximum durability with minimal effort. Even at a thickness of 5 millimeters it is permanently resilient like high-quality parquet or soft natural stone. The floor surfaces made with PANDOMO Floor are suitable for underfloor heating and chair wheels and are resistant to fading. The basis for PANDOMO Floor is the designer leveling compound PANDOMO K 1. If the floor is treated with stone oil afterwards, the surface has a silky sheen that increases color intensity, abrasion and water resistance.


PANDOMO Loft is a further development of the well-established PANDOMO Floor and was created as a result of its solid and extremely durable structure for floors bearing large loads, especially in public industrial areas.

But PANDOMO Loft has also proved itself in private use as its unique texture and consistency allows for an almost infinite range of applications.

It is here that the newest innovation in PANDOMO decorative fillers is able to prove its exceptional quality: e.g. the large-scale application of a mineral top layer can be applied thinly (approx. 2mm) with PANDOMO Loft, meaning that the height adjustment of fextures and doors becomes superfluous. In other words: PANDOMO Loft is not only beneficial visually, but also saves time in a distinctive manner.