A renovation for walls!

Use the surfaces of a room as a creative space to make an impression. With colors and structure, worlds can be created. PANDOMO Wall is fast and easy to use, with only a few simple steps to follow to design a surface. Whether you require a smooth, homogeneous surface or, for example, a two colored design, PANDOMO Wall can set distinctive trends in contemporary interior design. The design of a room is further enhanced through the attractive, iridescent surface appearance, which changes dependent on the light.

The material

The centerpiece of individual surface design with PANDOMO Wall is PANDOMO W 1.

Noble surfaces

PANDOMO Wall turns walls into high-quality design elements. They can be designed individually to give every room a special feel. PANDOMO Wall is also very functional. When treated with stone oil, the surface is durable, vapor permeable and easy to clean. Impurities can simply be wiped off leaving only pure elegance.

Color, structure and move

PANDOMO Wall is ideal for creating individual worlds and can be used to invent many different styles. There is no limit to creativity: an infinite number of colors, designs, and patterns come together seamlessly in short, everything is possible. A breathtaking palette and source of inspiration for anyone who wants to turn simple rooms into new, unique worlds of inspiration.

Beautiful finish

PANDOMO Wall offers countless possibilities with transitions between wall and floor. Depending on the desired ambiance and use, profiles made of stainless steel, brushed aluminum and wood or plastic are recommended. Gaps between floor and wall can also be sealed with silicone. Even the forming of shadow gaps is easily achievable.

The power of the surface

Walls created with PANDOMO Wall form the face of a room. PANDOMO Wall can be used to suit any style and ambiance. In reserved tones of grey and white it emphasizes a cool, almost industrial character.

With texture and earthy tones, rooms gain a warm, mediterranean atmosphere. Reserved, accentuated or formative – the possibilities are endless.