Product Information


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Product introduction


ARDEX EG 2 epoxy sealant


(1) chemical corrosion resistance, never mouldy: have the ability to resist chemical corrosion;

(2) stain resistance: epoxy resin sealant, compact material, and pollution resistance;

(3) ultra high wear resistance: high strength, excellent wear resistance.


(1) anti mildew: chemical corrosion resistance, dense material, mold can not adhere;

(2) easy to clean: to avoid all kinds of tea, soy sauce, oil and other contamination, cleaning becomes very convenient;

(3) no efflorescence;

(4) prevent the sealant from falling off: because of the excellent wear resistance, it is used for large human flow, and the high load of the public zone filling agent is not shedding.

Application scope

Application scope: suitable for indoor swimming pool, kitchen and toilet, large human flow, high load public area, the seam width is in 1-12mm.

Packing and shelf life

Packing and storage period: 5kg/ set, 24 months