Product Information

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Product introduction

ARDEX CL 11 commercial cement based self leveling should be applied to solid foundations such as cement mortar and concrete. Its special formulation is easy to operate and can flatten the ground quickly and easily. The construction can be opened 3-4 hours after construction, and the construction can be continued after 48 hours. ARDEX CL 11 contains high quality synthetic resin, special cement and various fineness of aggregate, adding water and stirring to produce high fluidity and good self healing mortar.

technical data

According to the national standard JC/T985-2005

Working time (23 degrees centigrade): > 20 minutes

Open walk time (23 degrees centigrade): about 3-4 hours

Fluidity: >135mm

Tensile bond strength: 1.2Mpa

Compressive strength:

28 days later: about 35MPa

Bending strength: about 7MPa after 28 days