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Product introduction



(1) strengthening bond strength: the modification of polymer emulsion can improve the strength and bond ability of the field agitation mortar.

(2) good flexibility: polymer emulsion is modified to make the mortar flexible;

(3) high density: the ratio of water to cement can be reduced and the density of mortar is enhanced.



(1) to prevent the leveling layer hollowing: avoid mortar leveling layer and the base layer by adhesive force difference caused by hollowing;

(2) to prevent mortar cracking: dry masonry, plastering, no water immersion wet brick, wall, and increase the flexibility of the mortar, to avoid cracking;

(3) meet high design requirements: substantially improve the physical indicators of mortar, such as bending resistance, compression and so on.


Application scope

Application scope: the modification of masonry mortar and leveling mortar suitable for indoor / outdoor wall / ground mixing.

Packing and shelf life

Packing and storage period: 20L, 12 months.