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waterproof – WPM 006

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The solid content of the emulsion is higher: the higher the solid content of the polymer emulsion and the ratio of the milk to the ash, thus the better elongation at break

Waterproof on the back of water: II and III can be waterproof on the back of water

Good air permeability: it can be constructed on wet base, suitable for construction in rainy season, time saving and time saving



Prevention of cracking: adaptable to the deformation and small cracks at the base

Convenient maintenance: it can be waterproof on the back of the water. Once water seepage occurs, it can be repaired on the back of the water and the construction is convenient.

Innocuous environmental protection: no harm to the human body


Application scope

Application scope: suitable for indoor and outdoor walls, ground, swimming pool, toilet kitchen and other areas of waterproof building.


Packing and shelf life

Packaging and storage period: I (20L liquid +25kg powder) II (20L liquid +40kg powder) III type (9kg liquid +25kg powder), 12 months.