Product Information

Veneer bonding – X 26

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(1) super strong bond: the original strength reached 1.5Mpa, the bond strength of water resistance, heat-resistant aging and freezing thawing reached more than 1Mpa.

(2): good anti slip tiles paste standard, anti slip performance index is less than or equal to 0.2mm, at the same time with the opening time longer.



(1) prevent natural stone from falling off: as a result of adding a large number of polymers, the bond strength is improved and the natural stone with heavy paste quality is avoided.

(2) convenient sticker heavy brick: when sticking large or heavy, very low water absorption brick and stone on the wall, there is no need to support it.


Application scope:

Suitable for indoor and outdoor tiles paste, especially suitable for sticking non wet gas sensitive natural stone.


Packing and shelf life

Packing and storage period: 25kg, 12 months