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Grass-roots treatment – A 45

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(1) fast: it can be open after 1.5 hours of construction, and the compressive strength is 15MPa after 1 days.

(2) fast drying: the water is fully hydrated, after 1.5 hours of construction can be made waterproof, tile and other follow-up construction;

(3) low alkali: after curing, the pH value of mortar is about 8.

(4) no shrinkage: the mortar does not shrink, and does not crack a few centimeters in one time.



(1) save time greatly: shorten the curing time greatly, and follow up the construction after 1.5 hours, especially meet the construction requirement of the surface material that is sensitive to the moisture content of the base.

(2) put an end to the facing layer: to avoid the efflorescence of ordinary mortar leveling layer because of high alkaline and cause surface layer (efflorescence;

3) no cracking: prevent the mortar layer from cracking because of its own contraction.


Application scope

Application scope: suitable for repair of building interior, wall, mortar or concrete.

Packing and shelf life

Packing and storage period: 25kg, 6 months.