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Grass-roots treatment – A 35

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(1) fast: 3 hours after construction can be open to walk;

(2) quick drying: water is fully involved in the hydration reaction, after 1 days the water content can be as low as 4%, and the moisture sensitive decorating material can be put up.

(3) low alkali: after curing, the pH value of mortar is about 8.

(4) no shrinkage: the mortar does not shrink, and does not crack a few centimeters in one time.



(1) a large margin of time saving: the maintenance time is greatly shortened, and subsequent construction can be carried out in one day.

(2) put an end to the facing layer: to avoid the efflorescence of ordinary mortar leveling layer because of high alkaline lead finishes efflorescence;

(3) do not crack: avoid the mortar layer will crack because of its own contraction.


Application scope

Application scope: it is suitable for the leveling of the floor of the building, especially for the refurbishment and leveling of the ground.


Packing and shelf life

Packing and storage period: 25kg, 6 months.