Product Information

Veneer bonding – AF 2510

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ARDEX AF 2510 is a two component polyurethane floor adhesive. After drying, the adhesive is waterproof and water resistant, and because of its low radioactivity formula, it will not bubble even if the PVC ground material is pasted. AEDEX AF 2510 is delicate and flexible, and it can be easily constructed with small or large shaving teeth.

technical data

Construction temperature: above 15 degrees centigrade

After waiting for the doctor (hanging) time: no

Time in the bucket: 45-60 minutes

Operation time: the longest 70 minutes

Open walking: 4-6 hours after 4-6 hours

Complete curing: 7 days @23 centigrade

Is it suitable for geothermal: Yes

Outdoor use: available

Application scope

Can be used to paste PVC sheet or membrane, linen, rubber and hardwood floor surface materials.

Packing and shelf life

Group 12kg/ barreled. ARDEX AF 2510 should be stored in the cool and dry room of the room to avoid sunlight and to pay attention to antifreeze in winter. The optimum storage temperature is between 5-30 and 12 months.